New Baby Chick PICs,I could not resist after daughter got me a bargain


Sussex Monarch
11 Years
Mar 27, 2008
Ok i was waiting for the sale Saturday and well went to town and walked in to orscheln cause my daughter wanted a duck.I wasnt worried cause last time i was there they had said they wouldnt have any i wanted.Well i was looking at the chicks and what do i see Ameraucana.My daughter is like you should get them all i laugh and say yeah if they give me a deal..she runs and ask the lady how much if my mom takes them all?The lady is like well i can go as low as $1.50.So i get all 25 and my daughter gets 2 ducks (dont know ducks breed yet)they do have little tuffs on there heads though.
So now i have a SR of Ameraucana from Estes hatchery with Multi-colored plumage with mixed shades
including whites, reds, browns, greens, blues, etc.
Time will tell how many Cockrals.Then the extra cockrals will be free ill keep proubly just 2 cockrals.Ill take pics i hope in the morning...
Im so happy,now i gotta finish the coop and pen so i can get these babies into the bigger brooder.
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