New baby chicks.

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Nov 22, 2013
Hi. Have a question about baby chicks we bought 5 to go with our three big chicks, now this may seem like a silly question, but I have one baby chick that seems to have poo stuck to her bottom, shes pooping fine otherwise it seems. Have tried taking a warm wet cloth to it sort of worked but she still has some stuck to her fluff. Any other ideas? They are about a week old I'm thinking she's too little for a bath because where she needs the heat lamp.



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I run some warm water (I test it on my wrist) and hold the baby so that her backside is under the slowly running water. Then it softens the poo so that you can really get it off. I then put Rooster Booster pick no more lotion on the vent area so they don't peck the site (it looks a bit reddened and noticeable to the other chicks sometimes). Then I dry the chick's rear end off and put her back under the light (before I put the lotion on I dry her off).

I do this every day until the pasty butt stops (usually by one to two weeks).
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I put warm water in a bowl, dip there but in and then rub the poo until it comes off.

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