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May 18, 2015
Hi I'm new and I have 6 baby chicks. They're only a couple weeks old and I was wondering if I should start feeding them treats, like mashed up hard boiled eggs and such. Is it healthy and will it make them more happy to see me?
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Ol Grey Mare

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Mar 9, 2014
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Welcome to BYC!!!
You may find that this question is better suited for the section on raising chicks or even feeding and watering your flock There is also information on the care and feeding of chicks and chickens in The Learning Center
I do hope you'll stop by the new member section and introduce yourself so we can all begin to get to know you and your flock - look forward to seeing you there

ETA - to answer the question, I treat my brooder raised babies like they would be if they were being raised by a broody in my main flock - that means that whatever the flock would be eating that day, chances are the babies would be too. Since a broody mama would take her chicks out in the first week and start introducing them to being a chicken, finding tasty morsels, etc I don't set a magic point at which I start introducing treats to my brooder babies either. One thing to remember is poultry feed is water soluble, so they don't need to grind it with the gizzard to digest it - many treats commonly given are not so easily digested so if/when you start offering feed other than the chick starter/grower you want to also be sure they have access to digestive grit. I don't give a lot of treats, because I want the base of my birds' diet to be balanced staple feed, but I will offer a little egg here and there before they start going outside to hunt up their own treats (which I start "field trips" within the first couple of weeks)

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Welcome to BYC

I don't know about other people, but I give treats pretty early. Just little tidbits. I'm sure they would love some boiled egg. I also feed meal worms, tomatoes, and lettuce (among lots of other things as they get older)

Mine run to me at any given moment for a snack haha

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