New Baby died...


10 Years
Aug 12, 2009
In the Shadow of a Mountain MA
We had a silkie hatch on 9/24 who is doing great, then a second one hatched on 9/27. It was eating and drinking fine, pooping no problem, and fluffy and of midnight last night. As of 7am today, it was stiff and on its side. I have no idea what happened. It looks like it has a bit of dried something? on its butt, but was pooping yesterday (trust me on this one, I had up close experience) Remaining chick seems fine. What to do...should I get a couple chicks to put with the remaining one? Will they peck each other or are they young enough to be ok?
Aww, I am sorry to hear that. I would get your chick a buddy or two. She'll be lonely. You can give her a feather duster or a stuffed animal to snuggle with until her friends arrive. Good luck!
I'm so sorry to hear that
I would get the other one a buddy or two

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