New Baby Ducks--- a couple questions plz!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Momma_Cluck, Jul 17, 2008.

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    Jun 11, 2008
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    Me again!
    Well- our 3 new Faun and White Indian Runner Ducklings are finally here...and totally terrified!

    The lady who sold em to us never informed us until we picked them up that they have NEVER been picked up or been around people other than to be scooped out of the nest and plopped into a box!

    So they stay in a pile squished tight into the corner of their box whenever we're in there... we pick them up, talk to them. and just sit nearby to get them used to us.... of course- it has only been 24 hours.... but it is heartbreaking to hear them calling for mommy, and freaking-out at the sight of us!!

    Here's a couple questions... they are about 5 days old, is it too soon for treats?
    If treats are ok-- what kind??
    Is yogurt ok???

    Also-- for ANYONE who's had to get ducklings "used-to" them... any idea how long before they will stop having a total meltdown every time we walk in the room????

    Thanx folks!!
  2. Since the ducklings have been raised together, they are imprinted on eachother. They think of you as a predator.

    I hatched call ducklings this year, under their mother, and they are pretty friendly. They will come up and nibble on my toes, but they wont let me pet them.

    Thats just how the ducks will be. They may get friendlier, but I doubt the will let you pet them without being caught first.
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    ducklings can be very skiddish .. ESPECIALY runners... but they can also become very imprinted.. they alrerady know who momma is... they duck that hatched them... just handle them as much as possible and they will learn to love ya.. put a radio near them so they can get use to human voices . make sure they have water thats deep enough to clear the nostils but not deep enough to drowned in. oh and PLEASE POST A PIC!!!! i wanna see the cuties [​IMG] .. and when they huddle they could be cold.. do they have a light.. btw do not feed them medicated food.. they should be able to have trearts in moderation
    hope i helped [​IMG]
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    My ducks don't like alot of cuddling. I raised them from eggs and it doesn't seem to make a difference. They come up to me and do the duck talk but they don't like to be held or petted.
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    I am no expert on ducks but I raised a wild muscovy from the egg once and he was totally imprinted on me. When he was still a baby we ran into some other baby ducks and they saw him in my lap so they crawled into my lap too. Monkey see monkey do?
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    Apr 13, 2008
    Runners are more skitish than most ducks. I have hatched them several times and they were still skitish, but probably not as bad as if they were hatched by a duck.

    I didn't give my ducklings treats that young. I would sit on the floor next to the brooder and dip my finger in the water and then the food and sit very still and let them come nibble the food off of my fingers.

    It did take a little while for them to trust me though. I do admit that my Runner ducklings were less skitish of me that my chicks that I hatched out recently. I have a grown male that always wants me to hold him. He comes to the side of his pen and rubs his head against the wire for as long as I wll stand there or until I go inside and pick him up.

    It will take some work on your part, but I believe that they are young enough for you to get them to trust you.

    Good luck,

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