New baby ducks some advice needed!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Duckies34, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Mar 21, 2013
    I just bought 4 duckies, from what they told me I have 2 mallards and 2 runners, I don't know there sex tho. I do believe they are about 4 weeks or so, tho one of my runners is half the size of the other one! I seem to be doing fine with them, they are incredibly messy and I have them in a large box in my laundry room. I think they need something bigger. I do have a coop for them I built inside a 3 stall loafing shed, I have 5 chicks as well that are about 1 week old. I would like to know when I can put these birds out. I figure the chickens are ok inside for awhile longer since they are so small, I will put them in a bigger box tonight tho. As for the ducks I'm ready to give them some room. Also when can I let them swim, I haven't built the outside run just yet but the coop is 10x10, I did put up a divider wall because I was told ducks will kill the chickens and ducks cant eat medicated food. If I take the wall down can all the birds live together if I just get regular poultry food, and if I was to do that will I need to give the chicks supplements because they wont be on chick starter? or should I wait a couple weeks when I can change the chick food to put them with ducks? or just keep them separated? I would also like to know what the temp should be outside before I put them put there?
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    Welcome and here is a bit of reading which should answer some of your questions, Congrats on your new ducklings.

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