New Baby Mallard having trouble getting to eat?


9 Years
Mar 4, 2010
Arbuckle, CA
One of the kids in my 4-H poultry group brought me these two mallard duck eggs to hatch along with some of my chicken eggs I said sure but have never had any ducklings before. Only one has hatched so far and I am having trouble getting it to eat. It drinks fine but I have only gotten it to eat by dipping my finger in water then in food and holding it in front of its beak. But it eats very little. It (ducky) as my 4 year old calls it hatched yesterday at 4 pm any suggestions on how to get it to eat. Also what are the chances the other egg will still hatch there was definetly a duck in it when candled late in the 28 days but not sure how long I should wait?

Thanks for the help.


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
It might not actually feel hungry yet. The fact that is interested in water- and will peck a bit at food on your finger is a good sign. A few more hours might see it wanting to eat. If it still wont eat much 48 hours after hatching it could indicate a possible issue.

As for the other egg. After giving it an extra few days candle it to be sure nothing is hatching before you remove it from the incubator.

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