New Baby Peeps... and Ladies with some Sass!


8 Years
Jun 17, 2011
Orange County, CA
On my way home from work yesterday, my car somehow ended up in the feed store parking lot.
Fifteen minutes later, I had spent the last of my mad money for the week and was on my home with a box of chicks. First time I'd ever done anything without my husband's permission and/or knowledge.

He was only upset for 2 minutes. I now owe him 6 days straight of 30-minute backrubs. One for every new chick.

But hey, I now have 6 more to add to the flock!!!!


1. Australorp
2. Easter Egger
3. Maran
4. Welsummer
5. White Rock
6. Blue Andalusian

I also ended up on the floor of the chicken run last night... and was able to snap a few photos of the 9-week old ladies out back. They're a spunky bunch:


A. Turken - "I'm not a looker, so just a face shot, please!"
B. Orpington - "What's that black thing? Can ya get my good side?!" (She pecked at the lens a few times.)
C. Sicilian Buttercup - "My tail is higher than yours."
D. Gold-Laced Wyandotte - "Hey, I'm talking to you!!!"
E. Easter Egger - "Where's my mealworm?"
F. Buff Brahma - "Ima big girl... Like my baggy pants?"

Have a great weekend, everyone!

- Kim

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