New baby roo, and mom with same habit!


7 Years
Oct 5, 2012
Southern Oregon
Here is a pic of my almost 4 week old roo, 'Cuffs', he is a BCM x CCL baby. His mother 'Cotton', when she was the same age as he is, had a passion for my cuffs on my cotton sweatshirt. She would pull and tug and mess with them whenever the opportunity arose. She was a wonderful, friendly, chick. Now, her son Cuffs, has exactly the same passion, for exactly the same sweatshirt and he too is a darling and a keeper. None of the other roosters, or pullets for that matter from the same crossing, could care less about the sweatshirt or clothing in general. Nurture or Nature?:idunno
Nice little roo! What colors are the eggs that you are getting from your BCM xCCL? Do you have any pictures of them?

Edit: cute habit too though. Maybe yes, learned from mom. Treat seeking maybe? Or just something he decided was normal behavior that mom taught him.
Nice little roo! What colors are the eggs that you are getting from your BCM xCCL? Do you have any pictures of them?
This little guy and his two sisters are my first generation of the cross so I dont have any eggs yet. I am very excited to see what pops out though but I'll have to wait for a while. Do you have this cross too?
No I don't but am quite interested in what the eggs will be like. He is a pretty little roo too. Would like to see him all grown up. I have a mixed flock of hens. Golden sex link, red sex link, RIR, Australorp - and so excited, just brought home yesterday, a dozen Isbar eggs from a lady close to me. So excited to see how these come out. The other three are under a broody hen
I just purchased 3 Isbar chicks, actually in with my above roo and they are gorgeous. In my incubator right now I have BCM, CCL, BLRW and lavender orpingtons. 41 eggs in all, most of them shipped so we will see the hatch rate. Good luck with your Isbars.

As to the habit/behavior thing, Cuffs was hatched in an incubator. He has had no contact with mom at all!
Wow! Isn't that something about those two. So not a learned behavior. Interesting. Chickens definitely have their own personalities

I am in the Rogue Valley. Between Eagle Point and Shady Cove
Lol!! Small world!! I just moved up here from Ashlandia :). Prior to that was down in Southern California. I had wheaten marans down there and they had a lovely very dark egg. I got them from a lady in Riverside or maybe it was Norco who sold out of her home/property and had a very professional and clean set up. She had these little bleach water pans everywhere to step in before you were allowed in her yard and had thousands of birds. One whole shop just for chicks in multiple cages. Wish I could get some from her again. Don't even remember her name but I paid 15 per day old for them around 2009 or 2010. Gave them to my brother when we moved to Oregon.

You are hatching 41 right now? Wow. Goodness. I hope the shipping did no harm. Where are you in your hatch? What do your current flocks consist of?

My Isbars were from a lady here close to me just outside of Eagle Point. She has favorelles and seramas, the Isbars and a few others

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