new baby run! hardware cloth & staples


8 Years
May 14, 2011
Englewood Colorado
Well, I have pulled out the miter saw that I have never actually used and built a tiny run for my baby chicks to enjoy during the hot days. It's a little cockamamie, but hey, I'm proud of my very first efforts to build anything! It even has a hinged door on top!

There is no skirting, but I only plan on using this during the day when I'm home and just moving it around the yard close to my house. Later I'll attach it to the bigger run (not built yet) and reinforce.

Here's the question: I just used a heavy duty stapler/staples to attach the 1/2" hardware cloth. Is that enough? They seem to pull out pretty easily. Will I need something stronger when I build the real thing? What might I use?


Congratulations. It is kind of frustrating when you are learning, but it is surprising how well you can do when you just do it.

There are a few different ways. Many people use screws with large washers to hold the hardware cloth in place. That is probably the easiest way to do it and it works.

I use lathing. Take a strip of wood about a half inch thick and use screws to put that over the wire edges. I drill a pilot hole to keep the wood from splitting and make sure most of the screws go through holes in the hardware cloth. Of you screw it down tight, that will not come off. To me, the advantage of doing it this way is that the sharp edges of the wire are covered.
I use the fender washers and screws at the hardware store. Then if I want to reuse the hardware cloth it is easy to remove and no one steps on the staples later. OUCH! There are two different types of the washers and multiple sizes. I use the cheap ones not the stainless. I also learned to take a screw with me to make sure it fits inside the hole of the washer. My hb bought some with tiny holes. We had to get a different screw to match it. Also buy a box of the washers they are much cheaper that way than a few at a time. They can be reused too. I get mine at Ace hardware store. Lowes cost more.
I built something similar to your yard for the chicks they went crazy trying to get out. Now its sitting on the grass unused. I was going to let them till my garden when they got older but they were scared to death of it. Go figure. Now I have some new babies and I will try some of them in it when they get to 4 weeks old I hope.
One sure thing to remember make anything so it can be taken apart and reused for something else or added too. No nails always screws. I have torn apart a dozen times as I have learned of better ways and will probably do it again some day. gloria Jean

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