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ok i have these new chicks and one of them has a crooked neck. as in the head leans to the right and he cant walk in a strait line. he kinda walks in circles to the right .

now i have called ideal about this and they said just separate it ... so i have and for 3 days nothing better but it don't seam to be worse ether They never gave me an idea what it might be but he don't seam to be getting worse or better should i let him back with the others? or keep separate? Dose anyone know what this might be ?

ty Robin
it could be due to a thiamine (vit B-1)deficiency...
Vitamin Deficiency-Induced Neurological Diseases of Poultry
excerpt (scroll down to the section on THIAMINE deficiency):
"...The latter, particularly in birds, in which the individual enters a complete ‘bridging’ or dementia and ataxia (imbalance) ‘arching’ position with the head, neck and spinal column deficiency in animals
arching backward in extreme extension, most commonly known in the field as stargazing...."

find a vitamin supplement (but check to ensure it has vit B1 > Thiamin on the list of ingredients...they dont all have this included) ...if you cannot find one for birds (check in your petstore >bird dept for instance then you can look for a baby B vitamin supplement or A-B-D supplement (liquid) and give three drops a day into beak once a day for a week then taper off...
The enfamil formulation of POLYVISOL for instance:
...vit E will also help with any neurological symptoms and you can p rick open a human gel tab and give half of that in beak or all of it through the feed (will not harm those not showing symptoms).
While your bird is having this difficulty it will be unable to drink and eat sufficiently and you will need to help it until recovered (dribble water alongside its beak for instance)
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ty so much dlhunicorn that is a great site.

i just gave some multy vit liquid with b in them i had for kitten till i get to the store i checked the vit pack i have to mix with there water and that has b in it 2 . so we will see what happends.

ty again

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