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Sep 18, 2019
It has been my desire to have chickens for a few years now, my son was like, I've been wanting that too. And before i knew it he bought a few pullets (The extensive vocabulary that I had to learn and still learning!!) We have 7 hens, started with 13. Sold 2, gave 2 away and have lost 2 :(
We built a semi coop, and about to do some changes for the better. we named a few of our hens, as their personalities started to show their true colors. On my profile pic we have Ms Vadie (because of Dart Vader helmet, i know.. :) ) We also have Lucy - our olive egger, La Doña -easter egger - as in Boss Lady in Spanish- we also have Copper Rusty Leg and Ginger- also both easter egger, we have DK- Dark night Copper Maran, Fluffy feet-a Brahma. We just lost Onyx one of our Copper Maran :(
We've learned the hard way about how to spot and treat illnesses, still learning. It is hard to loose a hen after you invest time and money on them, but specially when they've become our pets... it is hard to loose our feathery friends.
3 of the 7 are laying eggs and it's the most rewarding thing, I didn't know until we had our first egg, we stared at it like it was pure gold, so very special. We were head over heels.
We are here for the long run, love this website and all it has to offer.
I hope in our new journey as back yard chicken owners, we can offer some good pointers as well.
Be blessed!

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