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May 30, 2020
Hi - I grew up in the country on a working ranch. He raised and bred cows, horses and dogs but had chickens and ducks. I honestly don't remember a lot about them because I was too busy with chores feeding the other animals and our chickens were pretty independent and free range.
Some 45 years later I found myself really wanting to raise a backyard flock. I have a brown thumb when it comes to gardening but am great with the animals. We moved to a place big enough for a nice garden and good sized chicken run and finally this year took the leap when we couldn't buy any eggs for weeks at the beginning of quarantine.
We raised 6 chicks from the local Tractor Supply. All supposedly Easter Egger female chicks. 8 weeks later we had 4 roosters (3 crowing and one silent) and since we aren't allowed to have roos had to re-home them. (Well, almost all...the quiet one is still here -shhhh). So today we added some more older pullets to the flock: 2 Barred Rock and one Red Speckled Sussex (all 8 weeks old too).
I can't believe how mellow and sweet the new additions are. I also can't believe how much I am enjoying them and love them already. Finding the homes for the boys (Bellina, Starr and Darla) was excritiating! But they all ended up in good homes with their own flocks.
Looking forward to being in this group!
So, I am learning a lot! We are working on securing other parts of our yard (the garden) so they can free range during the day.

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