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    Hey guys! This is my first post to this message board. Im Laura and I am so excited to be getting 3 baby easter eggers next week. while they are growing up in the house im going to be constructing a coop. im going for the simple tall rectangular run with an elevated coop. my question is, am i looking for trouble by planning on building my coop virtually against the back of the house? i have a shotgun style home with a long narrow backyard that is exposed to an alley in the back. there arent a lot of other options location wise and it seems to me they would be safer closer to the house. i also am thinking that since there will only be 3 hens i wont have to worry so much about the coop stinking up the surrounding area. what are your thoughts/advice?
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    First off, Welcome to BYC. [​IMG]

    2nd, yeah, three hens will stink. safer perhaps, but P. U.

    As much as ya love them, the further away from the house, the better in my view, while there will be others here who will disagree... (especially those who have converted a bedroom or garage into a coop)
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    ...not only the smell, but the lovely eggsong in the morning
    Some are able to pull it off - - - was it lime to mix in the litter? DM, DN, something...

    They're sweet when they're small - - - take plenty of pictures, as they grow everyday from day 1!!!

    Quote:That made me smile...I had my babies in a cardboard box for the first few weeks in the guest room! Back then I didnt know about the dust they caused...
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    kBe sure to close off access to that alleyway in back. I would do an 8 ft stockade typefence and maybe a gate, locked inside. [​IMG]
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    the whole backyard is surrounded by a chain link fence...there is a shed in the back where the alley way is but it is being torn down in a few months and will be replaced with a shed to hold our chance of converting it to a coop. maybe i will make a coop that can be moved in case this doesnt work out? any suggestions on alternatives or should i just go with the coop against the house.
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    A portable chicken tractor is perfect for the few birds you will have soon. It can be moved easily and can also be left near the house for protection from inclement weather. The best of both worlds![​IMG]

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