New Bantam Breeder Coop Finished


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Aug 23, 2009
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I needed some breeder pens for my bantams & found this design here on BYC, here's a link -

I made a few changes. No door on the bottom run, but that could be easily changed. For the front of the coup up top I thought about putting in the double doors but with winter coming I'll probably board the right half up anyway. In the closeup you can see the roost and the nest box in back, I'm also keeping the feed and water up top, which is why there is no door down below. Also notice that I used no wire for the floor inside the coup, I boxed it in and use pine shaving which will come out in the spring for the garden. The back 6 inches of floor inside the coop is open and there is a ramp leading down to the run.

The size is 4 foot x 4 foot, 5 foot tall in front and four foot tall in back.



I have my BB Red breeders in this pen. When I build the next (I need 4 of them) the left side of this one will be the right side of the new one. Then I'll start over and build a new duplex for the other two breeds. In total, start to finish, cost is about $75 for this first one. I built it yesterday, put wire on it this morning and had the BB Reds in it by noon.

So what do you think? Any questions or comments are welcomed.
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Thanks! I see you raise a lot of bantams, think I have enough space here for a rooster and three hens? My breeds are BB Red, Crele, Black Jap, and Wheaton.
ya i do have alot of bantams, i really need to build some pens like you have for my oegbs, i have brassy backs that need therre own space and i wanna put them in the coop im using for my deramas but i want to build a little coop for the seramas and a little coop a pair of oegbs i have, the male is crele, and the female is blue tailed buff, then i need to build a bigger coop for my modern games, right now they are all sharing a big coop and once i move them all out im gunna use that coop to house my frizzles and white cochins, so i have a busy weekend =]
Sounds like a very busy weekend indeed. If I still lived up the 14 in Palmdale I'd come help
but I retired, sold everything, and moved far far away....
OK, I have questions... I'm new to chickens so please excuse me if my questions are basic. Is the bottom level of this the chickens only run? Or do they have an additonal run or free range during the day? I love the design and you did a nice job on it. I need to come up with something for 3 newly acquired silkies. I was originally going to let them run with my ducks but am now thinking that may not be such a good idea.
It looks good but it was hard to tell if there is wire covering the holes from the wavy roofing?

If not, a predator could climb right through those holes
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