new bantems and older dark brahmas


9 Years
Aug 2, 2010
I have 4 dark brahmas, 1 hen and 3 roos. I got them when they were about a month old (I think the hen might have been older) and now they are about 4 months old. Age is approximate. I can't have roos so I am trying to up my hen numbers before I have to get rid of the roos.

A coworker brought back 3 chickens for me, bantems. It looks to me like it's 2 roos and 1 hen but I don't know the breed. They seem kind of wild, esp compared to my sweet cuddly brahmas. I have the banties in my chicken tractor pen, it's plenty big enough for them, but want to merge them with teh brahmas, in the 10x10 kennel run.

How will I know they are ready to introduce? They didn't show much interest in each other when the brahmas were free ranging and the banties in the run. The little ones are not tame at all. They seemed to settle down at dusk but then they all started looking up and trying to fly out of the mesh! I clipped their wings before I put them in the run. It really upsets them to be handled and they are hard to catch, even to take them out of the little doggie carrier I brought them home in!

Will they ever be tame? I don't think they are full grown yet, they mostly peep, like my brahmas. I would like to believe I have more than one hen in this batch but I'm not sure what kind they are. I think the little dark cockeral tried to crow. I think the little red one is a rooster but it doesn't look as roostery as the dark one.

How will they get along with the big ones? They are like little yappy high strung chewawa chickens. Are they going to make my brahmas nervous? They are so little I don't even relish the idea of butchering the little roos. Here are some pics


The little pullet has her head down, here is the red one and darker laced one. The red one is the wildest.


You can see the little pullets head in this one. She has a little pea comb.

Here is a shot of the pullets face, and you can see the other two. They are pretty colors, too bad I can't keep roos.

So now I probably have 2 hens and 5 roos. My goal is 4 hens. I'm going to have a freezer full of roos before I get that far it looks like.

Here is the chicken pen the brahmas are in now. They don't roost in the coop at night, they snuggle on the ground. I imagine the banties will roost in the coop. I hope I can tame them and they get along. I will try mealworms tommorrow. I'm going to keep the little hen so I want her to be happy.

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