New Bator for me!! Its official, I'm a hatchaholic!


11 Years
Jun 20, 2008
Parkersburg, West Virginia
Earlier this summer I bought my first incubator--Hovabator 1583--I think its 1583! It does have the fan but it is not the Genesis.

Anyway, I had talked to the good folks at Home and Barn Basics but not until after I had already ordered my bator.

(Could have gotten a better deal from them.)

Anyway, since the hatching bug has really taken hold, I decided I needed another bator and the Genesis is the one I wanted.

Home and Barn Basics came through in a big way! I ordered my bator on Friday and it was at my DDs house yesterday!

Now that is super quick!
BTW--had it sent to DD, cause DBF is going to kill me!

I have to get the youngsters in the house out of the house before I bring in any more chicken stuff!

So, the moral of this post is---if you need a new bator, Home and Barn Basics are the folks to deal with. I couldn't be happier!


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