New birds how long till eggs? (Bantys)

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    A few quick questions i hope someone can help me with.

    I brought home 3 new Golden Sebrights today 1 boy and 2 girls. I was told they are approx. 25 weeks old or 5 months.

    All of my chicks (20) are only about 6 weeks old so these are my oldest birds.

    They are also the first small bantys I have ever owned.

    Also the rooster let out a crow shortly after putting him in his coop. A crow that made us smile bc we never had a rooster to crow.

    So my question is if they are approx. 5 months old. And the rooster is crowing already when could we expect their first eggs? The females have hardly any combs at all and i cant believe they are 25 weeks old.

    The person i bought them from said they wont get much bigger.

    I took a picture with a coffee mug for size scale.

    Also how long after the eggs start being laid can we expect one of the new girls to go broody.

    If shes laying eggs and penned up with a crowing rooster I am assuming he will make sure the eggs are fertile even being so young?

    Just wondering what to expect as far as laying age and when she may become broody.

    Also added a pic of my curious guinea's inspecting the new birds on the block

    20190715_184829.jpg 20190715_183110.jpg 20190715_184818.jpg 20190715_184146.jpg 20190715_184201.jpg
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    You can't force a hen to go broody, no matter what. Most pullets (under 1yr old) won't go broody. 1-2yrs old is usually the minimum.

    My bantam didn't lay until 6 months old.

    A cockerel (male under 1yr old) can fertilize eggs no pro problem if paired with an appropriate female. Mine was at 7mo old.
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    Im not trying to force just wondering what to expect. I have a back up plan which worked for me before and thats shoving eggs under a buff O mama.

    Just excited to have our first bantys and wondering what sort of timeframe eggs and sitting will happen


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