New birds not laying

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    Feb 5, 2015
    Hey all,
    New to BYC and wanted to throw out a question. About a week ago i added two new birds (cochin and wellsummer) to my flock and we still haven't even gotten one egg from the two of them. The farmer where i bought them said they are currently laying and are about 11 months old. I checked their vents and the coloring of their waddles and legs and both seemed to indicate that they were layers. I've searched all over the back yard for hidden eggs and nothing. Why no eggs? Stress from relocation? Winter? (February in Denver, but I have a light in their quarantine coop {large dog crate with a nest box and roost inside} that i keep on until about 930) ....? If it is stress from relocating, how long until they do lay again? Thanks all!
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    It's most likely stress. they shouldn't have supplemental lighting while they are in transition. When you do add extra light, add it incrementally on the dawn side only. They should always have natural dusk to keep their circadian clock right and go to roost/sleep on time. It's good that they are in quarantine, make it as calm and stress free as possible. After quarantine, use a through the fence introduction system to keep stress for all the birds down. It's also possible that they will molt. Be patient, they will lay again eventually. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hi, and welcome to BYC!

    The stress of moving and settling into a new home/routine will throw them off. I've moved birds to a new coop and had them stop laying for a week or two until they are used to the new surroundings. The shorter days, a change of diet and routine can really throw them off. Give them a few weeks to settle in.

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