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    Ok, After numerous calls and e-mails I have decided to try and start a blog. It is called "Laying Hens & Canine Friends" it is currently a work in progress, but I hope for it to be up by the end of next week. To tell you a little about myself I am a "country girl" from the Deep South (Alabama born and raised) My family's farm has been in our family for over 100 years and has had Cows, Mules, Chickens, Ducks, Horses, Pigs and Sheep, and even Fish. All of this with Lots of Doggies and even a few barn cats. I am a Professional Dog Training who specializes in "Problem" Doggies. This ranges from compulsive behaviors to Aggression toward people and other animals. With the help of my husband (who is a Military Bomb Tech and former Police Officer) we train IPO (Schutzhund) Protection Dogs...for select persons. I also enjoy basic/advanced obedience with my dogs and clients. My daughter who is 14 years old trains and completes in obedience, protection and conformation with her dog and was the #3 Obedience Bouvier at our North American Championships.

    To get on with it after reading numerous post on line I feel there is a need for a blog related to Chickens and Dogs. Please know that this Blog with be a variety to things...from funny stories, training tips, treat ideas, giveaways/contest and maybe even a few sad stories.

    Dogs and Chickens can live together....many have done it with success and many have lost some good chicks, but the only want to see if it will work is with, hard work and most important SAFETY of your Chickens!!

    What I NEED from you guys is PHOTOS!!!! If you have any photos that you are willing to share along with any stories I would love to have them for the blog. Of course you and your dog (chicken's too) will get credit and we will eventually have a contest with a nice prize!


    Thanks for any help!! I will let you all know when the site is up and running.

    Thanks so much!!

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