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    Please Join Our Group and feel free to post photos, ask questions and just talk chickens or dogs :) or even Dogs and Chickens success or non-sucessful stories :(

    Also check out my is a work in progress as I am leaving my dog training website in order to giving blogging a try. Wish me Luck! The blog will be related to Dogs and Chickens. I am a Professional Dog Trainer/Behaviorist who has trained everything from bird dogs, herding dogs to protection dogs. My speciality is "behavior issues" I am new to the chicken world (other than the childhood farm ones) but since the trend is backyard chicks now I am going to give this a try.

    Here is a link to my Blog....

    I would REALLY love to see your photos of your dogs and chickens and will be having a contest soon with a great prize! Please DON'T put your chickens or dogs in any danger to get the photo :)

    Feel free to share and we will be adding free giveaways soon!!!


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