new BO hen has diarrhea,I assume worms but?


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Mar 2, 2009
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I have a recently obtained black orpington hen(2 yo) and her appitite is voracious and she looks good(other than a little thin) so given that money is an issue I want to worm her and see how her poop responds. she is being kept seperate in a 2'x4' hutch and I am sure she's bored but I have to figure out her diarrhea before I integrate her with everyone.(ramble) all I can find about wormers on here have not told me specifically if the ivermectin and wazine suggested is for chickens or the bovine stuff that I found at TSC. any idea on what percentage of these things to get or WHAT?? thanks!
Wazine is marketed for chickens... it's best to use FIRST if you haven't dewormed the chicken before and it may have a heavy infestation. It ONLY kills round worms, but in a heavy infestation, there can be a lot of round worms, so you don't want to overload the system with tons of dying worms all at once.

Then, in approx 10 days to 2 weeks, use something a little stronger. I'd suggest one of the paste dewormers marketed for horses, like Zimectrin Gold. (gets everything plus tapeworms) There are others that target tapeworms, too... well, one other... Equimax, I think. Just look at the box and make sure it says it gets TAPEWORMS, too. Give just a pea sized amount orally. I just dose it out onto my finger then scrap it into their beak, but some put it on a piece of bread and feed each bird a piece. Save the rest (lots!) for when it's time to deworm the flock again. There's a very wide margin of safety on this med... don't panic if you give a little too much. (it's something like 20 X's or higher is the 'overdose' level at least-- and even then, death isn't the likely outcome)

To my knowledge, only Wazine is labeled for poultry in the US...everything else we use for chickens if 'off label' use, marketed for other animals.

Wazine is dosed into the water.
EVERYTHING, wormerwise, at TSC was either for bovine or dogs/cats.and they have Wazine but I can't remember if THAT was dogs or bovine. they had NOTHING listed specifically for fowl. And there IS something I found on here, dosagewise, but it did not have the KIND of drug(for what species) listed so should I just ASSUME they meant the bovine kind? maybe if I went to another TSC(the one I went to is urban) and try to get someone to pay attention to me. sorry-I get frustrated quick cause I don't want to spend all of that money on something that will kill the birds or be ineffectual on the worms. thanks!
Looked up the above info on Wazine but it STILL didn't give specifics. they list 2 different percentage wazines but which one i should consider I still don't know. plus, like I said, my usual TSC only had bovine/k9/equine wormers. I understand the Ivermectin can be equine but the wazine has to be for chickens specifically it sounds. besides, I DID find info that said it takes a chicken 4 weeks to adjust to diet change so maybe I will just keep her seperate(and give her yogurt as suggested?) and see if it clears up. only had her for a week. sorry, ramble ramble.

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