New bobwhite mama here!


8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
Naples, FL
A few weeks ago I acquired seven 3-week-old bobwhite chickies (mix of Northerns & Giants) from a hobby breeder advertising on Craigslist. Unfortunately I lost one the first week due to what the feed store thought was a respiratory infection (was going through town with the sudden rain showers we have been having). Put them on antibiotics in their water for a week & they all stayed bright-eyed & bushy feathered
I feed Manna gamebird feed - non-medicated, put vitamins in their water. After a couple of weeks they finally stopped spazzing out when I walked up to their cage. Now they only spazz when I put my hand on or in the cage. I'm attempting the impossible by trying to tame one, or a pair, as pets. If that doesn't work out, I plan to build The Garden Coop for the spoiled little pair. I know you can't keep adult females together so that is why I'm only keeping 1 pair.

Is that correct? Anyone have anything to add? I would love to learn as much as I possibly can because...I love to learn! Photos to come...!
Actually you can keep a high number of a general mixture of males/females.......however, they're like us some days.........there's times when they can't stand their own selves!
Sorry I did not check in sooner, guys! WOW! Gorgeous bobs you guys have!

So wow...the breeder said the mature females will kill each other
I'm glad to hear that that is not always the case! I really adore all of my bobs & they seem really bonded to each other but maybe that is just a youngin' thing?

I wouldn't mind seeing more bob photos
I'm going to make a separate post & share development photos of my chickies here shortly....
Yep. I stole Randalls signature because they are big ol honkin Bob Whites now. My roo use to wake me up every morning now its the Bob's.I love their whistle.

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