New born baby's


In the Brooder
Apr 6, 2015
NE Oklahoma
Hello everyone I have 8 (so far) rr, bw, slw. They are anywhere from 20 min old to 8 days old. I have need collecting the baby's from there mothers because she steps on them so I have them in the hours in different boxes. Reason being is they are trying to kill each other by pecking each other. I read on here that they are probably board but I put food in there shine things plenty of water and food. Is there something else I can do ? My office is running out of room for boxes and not to mention I'm out of boxes and still have 10 ish eggs to go

Ella Rollins

Aug 4, 2016
I've raised baby chicks too. They often peck each other, but after sometime they'll play together.. It's normal..I'll leave them free. If they are pecking each other in extreme level, then I'll take one of them into my room

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