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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Linda Stumph, Nov 26, 2013.

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    Mar 8, 2013
    When my bantum hatched the first egg she still had 4 more to hatch. We left her in the coop with the other chickens and kept checking on her. Towards evening when we checked, we couldn't find the chick anywhere, but there was a full size egg that had been layed in her nest. We removed it from underneath her and put her back on her baby eggs. What do you think happened to the baby chick? The first time she went broody we removed her and her eggs from the coop and put her by herself. Everything went fine and she hatched 2 beautiful chicks. There seems to be numerous opinions whether you should remove mama and her eggs, or leave with the flock so they will be easier to get the flock to accept them back. What do you think? Thanks for your help.


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    Sep 23, 2013
    san antone texas
    Since you had her with other chickens in the coop. Most likely one of the other chickens might have done something to the baby chick. Chickens can sometimes be very territorial and will take out an unfamiliar face in the flock. The best thing to do is to keep that hen alone with no other chicken around her
  3. I agree. Chickens will peck the weaker ones too. You should always take a broody and her chick(s) away from the older chickens for atleast the first week or 2. The mom will protect them, it's just better if the chicks are less weak when they are around grown chickens.
    Good Luck!

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