New breeder here - love experience on Spanish, Silver Laced, Rhode Island Red and transitioning chicks to a flock

Alison Cooper

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May 31, 2020
Hi all,

I have had chooks for about 2 years. We started with 4 Isas 2 leghorns and 2 australorps.

Since then we have had a few broodies and introduced 2 silver laced and 3 spanish to the flock who are now 5 months old. We have a rooster of each. Total chooks 13 not including chicks.

I would love some tips of managing potential social interactions with 2 roosters? Breeding if I separate out a hen and rooster each? Is there a market for them and fertilised eggs?

Also we have 10 Rhode island chicks now about 3 weeks old. It was an iso experiment with my kids. Incubating 6 and broody chook 6. Fascinating to consider heat lamp chicks growing twice as fast and needing natural play in their coop vs outside learning scavenging and safety. Would also like tips on how to integrate the inside chicks to the flock and when.

We love our chooks. Such social character that make us reflect on our own interactions and lifestyles.

Looking forward to sharing info so thanks in advance!


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Feb 2, 2017
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Ah come on peeps, tell her the truth. OK I will tell her... Hey Alison, be careful of this website,
It is addictive and can make you go chicken crazy! :wee :celebrate:ya You can see the results!

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