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    Okay, I have been "in chickens" for a few years now, and a friend wanted me to order some Polish for us to split. I'd never considered polish until then, but I should be getting them sometime in april now (mottles houdans, golden laced, silver laced, golden buff, etc).

    But it got me thinking, as us chicken folk are wont to do.

    My flock is getting on in years as far as hatchery layers go, and I should really think about my next step.

    So...I'd like breed suggestions, ideally something from murray mcmurray sice that's where im getting the polish from.

    Right now, my flock consists of:
    Barred Plymouth rocks-love these girls, and if I had to replace my whole flock with one breed, this is that breed.
    Australorops-not impressed withthese like I thought I would be.
    White Leghorn-I love Lemon Drop, but she is insane...and not a great layer like I was expecting.
    Silver laced Wyandotte-again, not impressed.
    Rhode island reds-I have one who is phenomenal, and three who are always under my radar.
    New Hampshires-friendly birds, good layers.
    Red Comets-again, friendly and good layers of large eggs.
    Easter eggers-I likes these so much I just ordered 11 more.
    Buff orpingtons-I will not get these again. these girls are so dumb it hurts.
    One, single solitary australorp/Sumatra mix- this girl is granted permanent residence, whether she lays eggs or not. This is the standard I hold chickens to. Big eggs, strong layer, stoic personality, gorgeous bird.

    But, what's life without a little surprise? So in addition to the polish, im trying out speckled Sussex too (my mom wanted one years ago and im surprising her)

    But what are a few more to try out?

    My only rules:
    No silkies (hard to keep clean where I am)
    no bantams
    preferably not feather footed.
    Must be at least a 3-a-week layer. Doesn't have to be large eggs, but they need to buy their own feed, you know?

    I like wacky colors. Id love BLR wyandottes if I had been more impressed with my Wyandotte, but alas.

    Id love pictures, suggestions, etc before I place my order. Variety is the spice of life, so tell me what YOU would select if you were adding to your flock!

    You guys have never led me wrong before!!!

    I have cayugas, pekins, Swedish, rouens, and khaki Campbell. I ordered harlequins, but I am also looking for ideas on duck breeds.....

    or geese...

    or turkeys.

    My egg and bird sales have given me some playing room financially this year ;)
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    Nov 23, 2010
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    I love this topic and I love these 2 breed selection charts.

    Sounds like you have plenty of space.
    I'd recommend something more heat tolerant than the breeds you've had so far like the Mediterranean class, Cubalaya or Fayoumi.
    I love Minorcas (huge eggs), Anconas, and Penedesencas.
    Jaerhon is a great smaller breed that can take both extreme cold and heat, like we get here.

    Are you at all concerned about polish and aerial predators?
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  3. Kelsie2290

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    Feb 18, 2011
    From McMurray, if you like their Barred P Rocks, they also have the Partridge color, have liked the ones I have had of those (they also have White and Penciled Rocks).
    Adore their Speckled Sussex, really friendly birds, somewhat broody (like once a year from about two years old on).
    The Pioneers are also really friendly, actually decent layers though they list them as a meat bird.
    Their WFB Spanish are also a really nice bird, the ones I have had from them have actually been pretty calm and good layers, they don't have the big white face that the better breeder quality birds get though.
    For ducks, Runners are my favorite.
  4. KelsiNS

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    Jun 24, 2013
    Buna, TX
    I don't worry at all about any aerial OR land-born predators. They are penned, with a metal roof, and a double-walled chainlink/hardware cloth fence.

    Aint nobody getting to my babies.
  5. ChickenCanoe

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    Nov 23, 2010
    St. Louis, MO
    that works

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