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    Aug 11, 2014
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    I just got 5 fertile eggs to put under my newly broody hen. A couple of questions: Can I move her to a bigger, separate area? Will she be ok all alone in a private apartment/run? It's only been a few days and my nest box is very small, though she seems very comfortable. Just thinking ahead--I'd rather move her now than after the hatch because there is no space for me to place water/food for hen or chicks nearby. She allowed me to move her off of other eggs and into a different box with the fertile eggs. I'm a bit worried she's not getting up to eat very often either. I have a very small coop and food and water is out in the run. SECOND question - one of the eggs is HUGE, most likely a double yolk. Never thought of it before, but what happens with a double yolk egg? Twins? LOL, sorry but I can't help thinking that--I have twin sons! LOL Before I put fertile eggs under her, she was sitting on other eggs (why I decided to try a hatch) and occasionally we would find eggs on the poop tray where she's obviously kicked them out (definitely not fertile - I have no rooster). I'd never seen that happen before, but I never had a broody before either! She is SUCH a good sitter! I'm not terribly concerned if none hatch, but it would be nice. I'm kinda new to this. Figured if she wants to be a mama, I'd help her [​IMG] And, she's one of the least likely to be the mom I thought! She's an easter egger (olive egger) the one I always said was 'special' in a weird way (if you get my drift) [​IMG]

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