New Broody Hideaway :)

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    So my first Broody is on day 12. The other hens were bothering her alot, so I originally covered her nest box with plastic chicken fencing to seclude her from the other curious ladies. I came outside to the coop and lifted the fencing up several times a day to see If she wanted out. She just ruffled her feathers and yelled at me.She only likes to come out for 10 or so minutes every morning when I first open the coop door.So after she went back in, I would put the fencing back over her nestbox. I left a small bowl of food and water in the corners of her nest box just in case. She has been alot happier with being "locked" away from everyone else. Her nest box was one of 3 small milk crates inside my 6x4(and 6 ft tall)coop.I figured the nest box wouldnt be big enough for her when her chicks hatch-there are only 2 of them-, I dont really have anywhere else to put her and the chicks to stay warm,and I dont want to take them from her. So I made her this cozy little retreat out of a big tupperwear box with chicken wire and zip ties. i made sure there was no sharp ends and put styrofoam sheeting underneath it and filled it with hay. I
    made the door with zip tie hinges and a little hook to keep the door shut. I put a board in front of where she sits to make her feel more secure(like it was in her original box). I put the box in the coop and put the nest boxes on top of it. I just transferred her eggs into the new"Broody Hideaway" and she ran right in there and made herself home. She seems to love it! Now she can have her own little space in our heated coop!

    My Broody Austrolorp
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    [​IMG] Nice solution!

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