New broody kicked her eggs out..

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    My (new) broody has been sitting faithfully on her eggs for two weeks now. I believe she had 16 eggs under her. Some from her and some from others before she decided to go broody. This morning I go into coop to feed and water chickens/rooster and notice she has kicked out 14 of her eggs! Her nest is unfortunately bout three ft high so one did break. I gathered all the eggs marked them and put them in my incubator - that already has eggs in there. I took the broken egg and dissected the egg and it had a developing chick in there. Fully formed with I believe another week possibly till it would have hatched. Does anyone know why she would kick them out after sitting on them for so long. She has and still is very dedicated-protective. I plan on candling the other eggs later today to see if they are alive still. Was it ok to put those eggs with the others in incubator? The first eggs have probably two half weeks to go still.
    After looking more she actually shoved all the eggs out of the nest. Can someone please let me know why.
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  2. One of my broody hens (while sitting on fertile eggs) would periodically go through the motions of giving herself a dustbath right there in the nest!! Eggs would be rolling and getting kicked all over the place! Maybe that's what happened to your eggs. (?)
    As for combining the eggs in the incubator at two different stages in development, it's fine until you get to the lock-down stage when you're supposed to increase the humidity for the hatching eggs. In that case, a second incubator can really come in handy.

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