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    May 15, 2012
    I'm pretty sure my Buff Orpington just went broody. This is a new thing for us. She seems to have collected all of the other hens eggs and is now sitting on them. We don't have a rooster. She's sitting on our breakfast.
    She got up to eat this morning. Another hen went and sat in her favorite nest box to lay. Josie, my Buff, sat patiently in the next box until she was done and then went back to sitting on her collection. She started this yesterday. If I peek in at her, she puffs up and growls at me. Broody behavior, right?
    I currently have a dozen hatching eggs in an incubator. They're at about day 5. Should I pull my eating eggs when she gets up to eat and replace them with a few of the fertile ones? Do you have to replace the same number that you take?
    I feel like I'm committing a crime if I waste her broodiness.[​IMG]

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    A broody is a great and electricity free way to hatch chicks.
    If it were me I would probably put the incubated eggs under her and the number won't really matter.
    Just make sure you mark them so you know which ones become volunteers that you can remove.
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