New Brunswick Hatchery(s) with Delaware chickens?

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  1. i've chosen my breed, delawares. (i will probably get more breeds when i have more money to throw at this) i have searched EVERYWHERE on the internet for these little guys in newbrunswick, heck, i can hardly find them in america! so, delaware owners in n.b. do you know any hatcherys that:

    1 have delawares
    2 vaccinate against mareks disease
    3 sex them
    4 have 1 day olds
    5 have them in january
    6 have a minimum of 5 or under per order

    my only other option to get these is to order off, ship it to maine, and find a way to get them across the border.
    oh boy, that would be fun.[​IMG]

    thanks BYC!
  2. jennoasis

    jennoasis New Egg

    Sep 10, 2015
    New Brunswick, Canada
    I'm pretty sure Maplehurst farms, on the Nixon road just outside of Moncton, has them. You can find them on facebook if you're on there. Not sure about the rest of the questions though! Hope that helps!

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