New California law for minimum area per bird

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    Jun 7, 2013
    So I was listening to All Things Considered the other day and learned about a new law in CA that forces egg producers to provide more space for chickens. The law was ambiguous but the regulations that were published recently require 116 square inches per hen. That's not even a square foot! From the article, I gather this is about double their previous cage area.

    Now I don't feel as bad about my coop. I have 15 birds in 100 square feet. That's over the recommendation but they won't go out in their run in the winter.
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    That is a common problem.

    There are reasons that you want to combat that, and they are that more exercise and activity:
    - will keep the chickens warmer
    - will keep them healthier and less prone to disease
    - will make them less likely to cannibalize each other or eat eggs
    - they will be happier and so lay more

    So, how do you make them go outside?
    - put the feed and water outside
    - feed them treats outside
    - cover the snow with hay, straw, leaves, or whatever you have that will work
    - block the wind

    Anyway, good luck! You'll are getting a tough winter down there!

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