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    So last weekend we went and got some POL chickens from a local breeder... while there of course he spends some time showing us his set up (it was too cold last March when we were there the first time) in this mix were the cutest little call ducks and dispite not really wanting them I caved and we got a little drake and his girl. The next day our newest rescue dog got the drake and the little girl was on her own..... I put her in with the laying hens to keep her safe but decided she needed some of her own kind to hang with...

    So I call the breeder last Monday and asked whether the come into town (they are over an hour from us) at some point could they pick out a drake and yesterday they did.


    so here they are... the first one looks just like the new female but without the ring on her neck.... and the drake, what a cutie.... I haven't named any other layer, turkey or goose but his name is Bob, because he looks like a Bob!

    Now I guess I need to build them their own coop... stay tuned, it should be pretty cute.

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