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    Sorry I have been out for a little while...trying to get a new business up and running, buying a different car (yeah I got it!) 2 dogs with puppies and one more to go for a no kill shelter and little muskovy ducks running EVERYWHERE! I love this life!

    So OK--I have seen some people post that they would like to do another canning swap. I am proposing one that will finish at the end of October. That way all of us can have something different on our Thanksgiving tables! This will also take us into a new season of produce so we can have some different things. Here are the "rules:"
    1-PM me with your intent to join AND your mailing address
    2-get your canning kettles ready to make something delicious...AND DO IT!
    3-watch for your canning buddy on your PM list
    4-pack up your jar and send it off BEFORE the end of October
    You can contact your buddy if you wish or keep it a surprise. Please send out a pint or 2 half pints.

    If anyone has anything to add please PM me. I am going to clear out my messages now...I will take sign-ups through next SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 19 and will make the matches and get them back to you by the following Wednesday. I am going to also cross-post this message to the canning group and will make a new thread too.

    Thanks for playing! Terri O

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