New chic leg injury?

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8 Years
Sep 10, 2011
Bought 6 Americana/ Easter eggers today. Got them home hubby build a brooder and got them settled right away. Hubby says to me there is one with a bad leg? I did not check them @ feed & grain >oops< He grabbed her up and we saw something wrapped around her leg and it was big and swollen above it. She did not want to walk and she cried when we touched it, I started sterilizing tools of all kind as we were not sure what we were in for? Got her under bright lights with a magnifying glass and removed it. with tweezers. Picture of the object and the injury after it was removed. Hubby thinks it was part of the egg lining dried up? I can not break it apart with my fingernails. so it is tuff stuff. The chic is about 5 days old, hubby said it looked to been on there since birth as it was grown into her leg.. She is much better now walking and happy swelling is going down slow but going down.


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