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7 Years
Apr 18, 2012
Getting my first ever chicks tomorrow. 6 RIRs from any Last minute advice, I really wanna do this right!
electrolyes in the water, dip each of their beaks in the water. Don't use wood shavings until they get older use papertowels for now, just sprinkle the food on the paper towel then they are sure to find it right away, you can use a dish/feeder whe they get older and you are confident all are eating well. Leave them alone for the first couple of days they are going to be stressed. Have fun!
make sure the water dish is nice and shallow for the first few weeks so they dont dround! Good choice in birds, they are my favorite!
I love my RIR! I kept mine on paper towels (plan on changing them daily). I suggest you figure out the heat lamp situation early too. I spent the first few days with my chicks constantly having to adjust the heat height to keep steady temps! Good luck, you'll be great!

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