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Quackacus Finch

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Aug 4, 2020
Hi all! I’ve recently become a new duckling and chicken owner. I started out wanting some chickens, and in my search stumbled into a Muscovy duckling that looked like he was in very unsanitary conditions and dIdint look so hot. So I bought him and brought him/her home thinking he could just bunk up with my chickens and be just fine. He was really skittish and wasn’t really eating or getting in water I provided him, and he cried... a lot. I thought maybe he was sick from the way he was living before, so I hopped on google and fell down the duck rabbit hole. I found you guys and learned that ducks need other ducks! Any ol‘ bird won’t due. So I headed to tsc and grabbed 2 at random from the assorted bin. I didn’t integrate them right away because he was soooo much bigger, I didn’t know if he would hurt them and I still wasn’t sure that he wasn’t sick. I spent the rest of the day and that night bonding with the 2 little guys and reading everything I could on duck care. The next day I brought the Muscovy (Buckbeak) in to show him the chicks in the brooder (it had clear plastic walls) and he started wagging his tail and bobbing his head and actually stood up (he/she laid down all the time and barely moved unless he saw us coming). I left him out there for a couple hours and he seemed like he really wanted in, so I put him in with them and he got SOOOOO happy. He started eating and drinking right away. I keep my brooders like 2 ft from my bed lol, and he was really general with the tiny babies, so I let him stay. Now he’s eating out of our hands and letting us pet him! Also, I fell so in love with the ducks, I decided I need “a couple more”... soooo now there are 9 If them. Plus the 9 chicks. I’ve got my hands full, but I’m loving every min of it. I am literally the opposite of an expert, but from my best guess my ducks are 2 fawn and white runners, one crested black swedish, one crested cuyuga, 2 magpie, and either a Rouen or a mallard, and a crested pekin or crested buff (still working on how to tell if the beak is orange or pink). My chicks are 3 Easter eggs, one bantam cochen, one silkpie, one frizzled silkie, a surama, a Brahma, and 2 unknowns.


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