New chick, any idea what breed?


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May 21, 2012
Spartanburg SC
Hi, My daughter's class hatched several eggs about two weeks ago. Does anyone know what breed this is, it is white with gray shading? The chick was two weeks old on 5/20/2012 picture date is 5/19/2012.

Aw, they're adorable. I'd say you are the proud new owner of some Old English Game Bantams. Their color may be Blue, or some sort of Splash. Time will tell when they officially grow feathers.
Lavender or blue. Is it alone? Chickens are social creatures and should be raised in pairs or groups so they are not traumatized by social contact with other chickens later in life. Little one needs a buddy! This is how chicken math starts!
its pretty i would wait till it feathers out and gets a bit bigger say at about 6-8 weeks of age then take a profile pic of its natural stance
Looks like a Self Blue OEGB to me, super cute
I added two black sex-link females to the brooder, "Peaches" has two buddy's now and although being half the size as her non bantam counterparts is definitely showing them who's boss.

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