New chick can't hold up head or stand

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    I posted in a different thread about my OEG Bantam hatching babies. I noticed that one of them can't turn its head and it is cocked to the side. It also can't stand up. Is there something I should do for it? I know it won't make it, but I wasn't sure whether to let nature take its course and help it in some way.
  2. Lynette

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    I had to bring her in the house this morning. Her mother wasn't keeping her warm and she was dying. I have a heat lamp on her now and she is coming around. She will eat and drink, but I have to hold her to the food and water. Is she ever going to get better? Please help
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    You can try adding vitamin B complex in her feed. You can purchase it at any pharmacy. Crush a couple tablets into powder and sprinkle it over her feed and let her eat it. Hopefully you should see improvement in 7 days. If not, I would stop treating and let her take her own course of action or cull if she deteriorates.
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