New chick can't walk... update: Bandaid worked!


14 Years
Feb 5, 2009
San Francisco East Bay CA
So, one of my babies is having trouble!
the others are all standing up tall now, and walking...
but one can't stand!
His left leg seems like it might be broken, it stays out to the side.... and he just lays down.
when he struggles to get somewhere he just kind of flaps and hops on his tummy...
he is tired...

we took him and gave him water and he pecked at some food...
but didn't eat.
he chirps loud...

so, I made him a little box in the big crate, with his own wet food and a teeny water dish...

what do I do for him???
I feel so bad!
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do a search for spade leg, and look to see how to fix it. i take a bandaid and cut it in hafe long ways and tape the legs together ( leave the gaws between legs ( leg- gaws- leg) for about one week this should help william
Oh it worked William!
she is up and even hopped over and pecked at some food right away!
I used a bandaid and it worked!
thank you!!!
Thank you!!!


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