New Chick- fertile egg vs infertile egg

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    May 19, 2012
    Greetings! I have a simple, and maybe "dumb" question for you. I have 5 beauties, Silkies, I got them as babies in February. They are growing fast, and in fact, it turns out that one is a rooster (I cried when he crowed, how bad is that? [​IMG]I know I am hooked!) and the rest are pullets. So now what? They have not laid any eggs yet. But when they do, can I still eat them? How would I know if one is fertile? Does it matter? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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    [​IMG] Yes, you can eat fertile eggs - there is basically no difference between them and infertile eggs. The egg does not start developing until it has been incubated. Collect your eggs daily and there will be no development. The only really 'dumb' question is the one not asked. [​IMG]
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    Yes, you can eat them. They are perfectly safe. How would you know if one's fertile? Well, there's a sort of "bull's eye" in the egg that you can see when you crack it open. See pic. The arrow is pointing to the bull's eye. [​IMG]

    Hope that helps! :D

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