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Sep 12, 2013
Charlotte, NC
My husband has been talking about getting chickens for awhile now and I was never very interested, especially since I associated them with country living and we live in Charlotte. It wasn't until we went to the Cabarrus County Fair and spoke to a gentleman selling tractor coops that we found out you can own chickens in Charlotte.

So off to the internet I went to find out more information and came across this site. My husband is so happy
that I did because now I am very interested in having our own little, max of 6, urban flock. For the last couple of weeks I have been reviewing chicken coops and have finally decided on a design, Witchita Cabin Coop". Our plan is to work on it over the Fall/Winter and have it ready by Springtime. Now it is time to start reading up on breeds to decide which type will work best for us.

I look forward to reading the informative posts and opinions of all BYC members as to date they have been most helpful. Thank you to all!

Wishing everyone and eggcellent day!


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Jun 28, 2011
Welcome to BYC
The Reviews section is very helpful when choosing a chicken breed. And the Breeds section of course. Keep in mind you can keep different breeds together. Have fun!

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