New chick has really raw butt from pasty butt

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by TXSuperchicken, Mar 24, 2013.

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    I just cleaned the bottom of one of my new Delawares and now she is bare and red and raw. I tried putting her back in with her brooder mates but they began pecking at her sore spot, which I figured would happen. I've never "studied" my chickens rear-ends before so I'm worried because her vent/rectum seems to be protruding and inflamed. Is it swollen now? Should I be soaking it in warm water to bring down swelling? She acts perfectly fine and poops normally now that shes cleaned up. I would add a picture but I don't know how.....Hopefully one of ya'll can help me out. I've read about the olive oil and am going to go do that right now.
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    Olive oil is good, or any of several lubricants. The protruding rectum is a small rectal prolapse, which is fairly common with pasty butt and should clear up on its own. You could use a little honey or Preparation H on the area to help the tissue shrink. You could also use a little Neosporin on the area for the broken skin; if it's that red, it's mildly broken, or abraded. You will need to keep the chick separate til she's better.

    Be sure they are not too hot -- raise the heat bulb, or whatever, and be sure they have enough room to be able to get away from the heat if they want. Be sure they have good water all the time. This is hard with new chicks because they tend to kick the shavings into the water. Raise it on a brick if you haven't already raised it. If you have any organic apple cider vinegar, put a teaspoon or two in every quart of water.
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    I agree with everything already suggersted and wanted to add:

    don't soak it or wash for now unless it's dirty. Use eatable oil to sooth and protect once or twice a day (I prefer Vit E oil) and keep an eye out for any discharge or odor from the vent.

    You could also add some buttermilk to the feed every two day as the probiotics prevent pasty butt. I do this for my chicks as soon as they arrive and have had only one(minor) case of pasty butt in three years.

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