New chick keeps backing up


Mar 5, 2018
OK. Since I can post now, I just got chicks through the mail today! Yay! Unfortunately, one little chick is not as enthusiastic as the others, does not seem to seek his own food and water and seems to mostly back up, rarely stepping forward. Ideas?
Do a thread search for "crazy chick disease" or "Vitamin E encephalopathy". What breed? You must act quickly. Treatment includes dosing with Vitamin E and Selenium. Also, B vitamins are helpful. If you can get some Poultry Nutri Drench, and get a drop directly into the chick, that will be a good first step. You may be able to save her.

You can use Vit E and Selenium that are manufactured for human use. Nick a Vit E capsule open, and dab some on the chick's beak. Selenium: Take into account that a whole selenium tablet is intended to dose a 100# human. You are dealing with a 2 oz. chick, so it does not take more than a few grains shaved off the side of a tablet. Dose the chick several times/day.

I am not a vet, and not qualified to give recommendations regarding medications or dosing information. So, proceed at your own risk!

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