New chick owner....I am in love! <3

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So first time chicken owner....picked these three cuties up today! My heart just melted! We got home with enough time to set them up, make sure they drank water and ate some food, and then go to bed. I even have a little baby monitor with a nice screen and night vision so I can watch them sleep under their EcoGlow brooder. I have noticed such personalities in all three!

    Here they are:)

    Buffy, the week old Buff Orpington. All she wants to do is snuggle with my hand or the other chicks....she just charges right up under the others and sends them flying, ha ha![​IMG]

    Audrey, the two day old Black Australorp. She seems to be the one who keeps guard....always alert as the other two snuggle up to her. She has quite the loud peep too....! I think my hubby is playing favorites with this one, LOL!

    Ellie, the two day old Easter Egger. She is kind of the beauty queen....she loves to preen and is the real princess of the three! Her feathers are beautiful!

    All three seem super tame with me, and I'm so excited to wake up to peeping on the monitor tomorrow morning, bright and early (I am soooo not a morning person, but whatever! Ha ha!)

    And just took this a bit ago....the monitor is sitting beside the bed. I can't stop checking on them!!!!



    Theodore Mittens, making friends....

    A little video....

    A bird in the hand....


    A shot from the 'peep cam'. Of course, Ellie is the FIRST to go on top! What else is new?!


    I walk in the room and this is what I find. He loves the peeping and pecking sounds!
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  2. Spangled

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    Your chicks look like little sweeties. Great breeds. And a monitor looks like a fun way to check on them.

    Can't wait to start hatching here in about a month.
  3. :) Yeah I did lots of research on the breeds and these were my top just got one of each:) I love watching them, every so often they wake up....and then I press the talk button to say hello....then they go back to bed:)

    Hatching, that's gotta be exciting! I hope to do that one day!!!! Good luck! :D
  4. chicksurreal

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    Dec 3, 2013
    Awww! Congratulations,they look so sweet! Isn't it amazing that they have such distinct personalities so soon?

    I have said it so many times I'm sure people are tired of reading it, but I am just so in love with our chickens. I thought they would be good for eggs and bug patrol, but after we got them, it was instant love. And it just keeps getting better. They're about 6 months old now and I really don't care if they ever lay eggs (they haven't yet). They're better than chocolate for stress!

  5. It really is amazing the personalities, yes! Right off the bat, I couldn't believe it. I thought they'd have to grow into some personality, but apparently not!
    That's so awesome, I'm glad it goes beyond the baby phase for many people here. Everyone sure does love these funny little things!
    I've been glued to my monitor, so much for sleep. Every time I hear a rustling, I'm up watching it, ha ha! Oh my my....
    One of them just got up to eat (Ellie) and then went back under the brooder and literally flipped right over, legs in the air and all. I woke my husband up laughing, ha ha!
  6. TwoCrows

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    They are adorable!! [​IMG] I had kept quail and parrots long before I started in with chickens, but I was surprised how quickly I fell in love with these little balls of fluff. It is so hard NOT to!

    Enjoy your new babies!! [​IMG]
  7. Thanks so much:) Yeah, I have a cockatiel, it WAS 'mine' but soon decided that my husband was his mate, and now despises me! I get hissed at and he tries to bite me when I walk by. LOL! Hopefully these girls take to me, I talk to them all the time:)

  8. coop-er

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    Nov 28, 2012
    Yes yes yes!!!! I keep telling my husband "these chickens are my therapy!!" careful, this is a very addicting hobby. My 6 turned into to 17 real quick! The more you have, the more you want. So many cool and interesting breeds!
  9. TwoCrows

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  10. Oh my gosh!!!! Ha ha! I could see me easily getting more. Sadly I am only allowed ONE where I am....I got three anyway, because, well, you can't just get one! We have a 0.26 acre property and nice neighbours, sooooo;-) Gosh I would love more. The silkies KILL me!
    It's funny, my husband calls them 'Cats (<----me) chickens' when he talks to people, yet I catch him going to the brooder all the time to say hello in a REALLY high pitched voice. He picks all of them up to say hi, but holds one for a long time....he has really become attached to Audrey, the Black Orpington. I think it's because she kinda looks like a baby bird of prey:D

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