new chick owner questions ~ noisy? feathers?


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Hiya, as a proud new only of 5 day olds.. I'm dismayed by the noise! *chuckle* I have my chicks in a brooder in the kitchen and I cannot believe how loud they are throughout the night!

Is this always the case?

Is there anything I can do about it?
(yes they have always food and water and warmth)

My 3 Barnevelder chicks are quite quiet, but the Silkie and Wyandotte are not. The Silkie is not sooo bad, but the Wyandoote! Wooo, I don't know if it ever shuts up! Not only noisy, but loud noisy.

The Barnevelders are pullets and the other two unsexed. The Wyandotte is pushier than the others as well. Funny, cause it's the smallest.

Can you tell the sex of a chick by it's behaviour?

Does the noise of a chick at this age predict how noisy it'll be when grown? I ask because I live in a town and am simply trying to slip them in unnoticed!

I'm also wondering if anyone knows if these are day olds... or are week olds sometimes sold as 'day olds'. I'm reading about feathering out, but my chicks seem to be well feathered already.


Mine are just a little older than yours but they all go to sleep at night and sleep through the night (they are in my kitchen, too). What color light do you have in with them. I use a red landscaping flood light-100 wt--and I think it is soothing to them when all of the other lights are out, at night.

Your chicks look around 1 week old in the picture. Mine are around 1-1/2 weeks old and are a little more feathered than yours. Everyday their feathers are growing more and more. Their little tail feathers are about an inch long and yesterday I noticed some feathers coming out at their shoulders. They are so cute, though, aren't they?
Your chicks look to be about a week old with new feathers growing on their wings.

I use a red heat lamp for chicks. A white light my be agitating them. Check the temperature inside the brooder. It should be 95 under the light the first week then drop about 5 degrees each week after that. They should be able to move away from the light if they get too warm. Chirping all day and night, may mean they aren't comfortable.

Chicks change so much the first 2 months that I don't think that you can assume that the one chirping so much now will always be a "loud mouth", but then, you never can tell...........................

Best of luck with your little ones!
Cuties! I love fuzzy butts!
I would agree with the week old theory, I just got 3 cochin mix chicks, varied ages. They don't have a lamp, but when I turn the bathroom light off for the night, they quiet down after a few minutes.
Hope it helps and

Well, I wonder then if the regular 100 watt "frosted" bulb is what's irritating them.
I'll go look for a red bulb this aft. "heat light" "red flood light" Does it only need to be a red bulb then? Maybe a red coloured "regular" bulb? I was hoping not to have to spend $10 on a bulb I will only use for several weeks... but I guess I'll have to.

Yes, I'll get a thermometer while I'm out too.

The little Wyandotte is not only noisy and pushy, but is always shoving itself under anyone's wing.

Thank you for your comments/advice!

And yes... awwww... ever cute!

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