New Chick Owner with Bad Feet Issues Possibly injured or Diseased?

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  1. atlasrelo

    atlasrelo Hatching

    Jul 2, 2010
    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to the forum. My name is Sindy, I searched all night last night and not sure if I found a correct diagnosis?

    I purchased a few chickens for DH as a gift/pet, so they're quite spoiled~ a snake got a few in our yard so we've resorted
    to letting them roost in our garage rather than @ the barn~(don't ask, they're spoiled) They've become pets to us and we love
    em dearly. We came home last night to find two (hens)1 is a buff orp, the other black speckeled, with missing nails on their feet? It looks like either something just bitit off or they got their feet caught on something?

    I looked at the pics for the bumblefoot and there's no discoloration or bumps
    except it l did look close again this am and one of the toe nails looks like it's just falling or rotting off? NOW these hens
    are I guess what you call free range~ they roam around the yard (16 acres) and woods, then come to the garage at night
    and roost on my rattan furniture~that's waiting to be refinished~ They LOVE to bed down in Ant Beds and sit there and peck ants
    Could the ants be eating their feet off? OMGoodness, I can't imagine what this is? Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated? They're still
    quite young~ just now getting their bushy tails, etc(rooster) about 3 months old? We're still feeding the what I call baby feed, I think it's called
    scratch? It's the first food baby chicks eat? That's all they get with the exception of roaming around the yard all day~
    I can upload a pic later today (my camera battery is dead dangit) but I can say to me, when I hold the chickens, their feet seem warm
    in that spot, almost like fever? Maybe it's my mama imagination, but I'm going to call my Vet soon as he opens today and see if he treats
    chickens as well~ but any help here would be greatly appreciated~
    Thanks all~
  2. schellie69

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    Oct 8, 2009
    First you need to be feeding them a grower or developer not scratch that is for treats only. I would soak the feet in a Epsom salt mixed with water and clean the feet then use triple antibiotic ointment without pain killer and bandage I would do this everyday until the feet are healed. I would also keep them in the garage until their feet are healed,
  3. atlasrelo

    atlasrelo Hatching

    Jul 2, 2010
    ok will do~ thanks so much~ DH said how are we gonna soak their feet, put em in the jacuzzi? I think NOT~
    Thanks again~ heading to the store now for cream w/o pain killer in it~ plain ol neosporin

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