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Jul 2, 2008
Hi - I just got 4 barred rock chicks two days ago. Three are fine, one is having trouble. She can stand and walk, but only walks a few steps before she sinks down again. Today I noticed that one of her wings seemed like it was glued to her side, so I cleaned it gently with warm water and a Q-tip. The wing is OK now, but she still isn't walking much. Her feet seem "limp" when I hold her. She is eating a little (starter crumbles) and drinking a little, but she is the runt of the bunch and is getting stepped on by the others. (I also have 4 week-and-a-half old Australorps in the box). I have tried putting her in her own box with food in case the others are shoving her away from the food (chick starter). She pecks at it a little, but not eating much. I searched the forum for splayed leg, and it doesn't look like she has that at all. Any ideas on why she isn't running around like the others? Thanks!
More information - I just did a comparison with one of the other barred rocks, and it really looks like her left leg points in toward the middle like she is "pigeon-toed." I put some paper towels in the box to give her more traction - anything else I should do about her leg?
Sorry - can't do pics. Hubby is out of town with the camera! She is only a few days old. The feed store got them in Thursday and I got them that same day, so she's probably 4 or 5 days old. The other three I got at the same time are all running around and look perfectly fine. This one lays down most of the time. She can walk but after two or three steps sinks down again. It's almost like her legs are too weak to support her for very long. I did give her some sugar water which she liked, but she wasn't keen on the yogurt I tried. I was wondering if the problem with her wing had something to do with it - maybe she hasn't figured out she can balance yet.
I had a chick with splayed leg and I would hold it up with its little butt while it walked and it strengthened it's legs. He greww up to be normal.

a normal, mean little rooster....
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We just had her out on the computer desk on paper towels and I was doing the same thing! She actually seemed to walk more on her own - I was holding her behind and let go when she started to walk. She went farther than I've seen her do in the nest box. She kept hopping up on the computer keyboard (glad my hubby didn't see THAT!) She was interested in the piece of lettuce the other chick got hold of. I think I'll keep trying to give her "physical therapy" and see how she does. We have never lost a chick yet and I don't want to start now!

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