New Chick Test Introduction w/Pics - Just Fine!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by F106A, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Frickin' chicken math! [​IMG]

    Well, day before yesterday I went to TSC to ask if one of the employees knew anyone that may want a couple cockerels. He did. Great! So I'll end up -2 chicks, but I ended up buying 6 production reds. How does that happen?!!

    Okay. The new chicks are pushing one week old I figure based on the feather growth, and based on my limited experience with my three-week old chicks. We decided to "test" introduce one of the babies currently living in the Rubbermaid-like tub with the older chicks in my 5' x 3' brooder. Wow! ("Hey Mikey! He likes it!") Most of the older chicks hustled towards one of the corners of the brooder, but one of the barred rocks just came up, squatted down next to the red, and seemed very maternal. (Camera! Camera!!) I got this shot, then the red walked over to the branch I have on the back side of the brooder, and hopped up on it. In the second shot you can see her up there in front of one of the cockerels I have. Right after I snapped that photo the red pecked the cockerel right on the face, and he made a bee-line for the corner of the brooder! Funny!!!

    I'm going to keep the reds in the tub for temperature control for another week at least, and based upon what I saw today, I don't have to many concerns with introducing them all next week. Of course, I'll be monitoring them very closely when I do just in case.



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    Beautiful babies! Love the barred rock keeping the little one company. Glad things went well. I just did the same thing but mixed week olds with my lone month old. Things went well. My month old rules and keeps order, especially with the smallest one (who I suspect may be a boy since it is the most disruptive one).
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    got to love chicken math, i put my 4 week olds with the 7 week olds and they are doing great, one of the white rock pullets is very protective of the smaller ones here is a pic

    she was mad at me for taking to many pics of younger ones hehe


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